• Summer into fall

    Summer into fall

    (image: Trace, Santa Monica Pier)

    I hopped a plane to LA on an art & baseball pilgrimage.   Most notably, I experienced the Turrell show at LACMA.  It’s a multi-sensory experience, an immersion.  The effect of light and color on us is profound: my perception altered, I slowed down to really look, try to see the gradual shifts in color, angle and intensity.  The experience gave me a chance to reflect on my process and how the experience of color affects me as I work.  

    Of course Rothko’s luminous canvases were conjured, all pulsing fields and saturated depths.

    Turrell achieves with light waves, what I as a painter aspire to: pure formless light, radiant color suspended somewhere between the source and viewer.  The immersion in his work was deeply moving, and if I can spend the rest of my working life conjuring this quality of light, I welcome the challenge.

    (Images: James Turrell)

    Being in LA, of course, provided source material for Trace.  I was able to shoot this one near the Santa Monica Pier, where I sat on a grassy cliff at the feet of a gifted accordionist.  He played sea chanteys, music from Disney films, to the more elegant standards from 1940s Paris, all wordless and seamless.  His companion was a small elderly greyhound with a damaged eye.  A treasure.

    And oh yes, the Yankees spanked the Dodgers.