• Fall

    The leaves from my neighbor’s ash tree pile up within 2-3 days, and the brilliant reds of the Virginia creeper are fading.  Sunlight is low and luminous, often refracted through a haze which explodes afternoon light into minute particles.  Color is everywhere.

    Open Studios were exceptional this year.  Among the artists I visited were Terry Connor, Howard Hersh, Claudia Kussano, Robin & Monica Denevan, William Salit, April Hankins, Soad Kader, Priscilla Otani, and Rachel Sager.  Howard’s deconstructed panels (pictured here), Robin’s flowing luminous landscapes, Monica’s emotive, intimate photographs, Claudia’s nature-bound stone, bone and metal jewelry, William’s penetrating portraits, Terry’s visual travelogue, April’s new spare, gestural layered drawings, Soad’s pulsing raw poured paintings, Priscilla’s deeply felt conceptual installations addressing Japanese myth and culture, and Rachel’s explosive new cloud canvases inspired and challenged me to work in different ways.  This is part of the magic of OS, this collegial atmosphere of sharing, encouraging, questioning and pushing one another.