Edge draws on my fascination with the point at which the edges of natural features meet another plane — sea, sky, horizon. Edge explores this intersection where one becomes another, with its veils of color, mysterious light sources, and indeterminate boundaries. Often described as abstracted landscapes, Edge is a response to the processes inherent in the formation of landscape.
Little Bones
Little Bones draws on my interest in the human skeletal system, and the beauty of bones. Exploring catacombs and crypts, seeing the reverential, artful display of the dead, I jumped in to play with bones.
Still Here
Still Here honors trees in their fundamental beauty: limbs bare, trunks exposed. Each is an exploration and an homage, incorporating text and symbols to embody the history and meaning of a life. Working from photographs, memory and an attachment to each subject, these are portraits of individuals in later stages of life and after death. Still Here refers to their stillness, and to their lasting presence as impression or memory.
The Trace series records and reminds us of the unintentional and often unconscious marks we leave behind. Inspired by urban marks left by cars, bicycles and skateboards, Trace captures those smears, scars, streaks dragged, scraped, sometimes arcing across a surface — inadvertently marking the urban landscape. In this series gesture, evidence of the artist’s hand, takes its place on and beneath complex surfaces. Built up and sanded away, the resulting surface is itself a history of what is left behind, a gritty, gorgeous narrative of urban life.
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